"Here Are Lions" is a classical Latin phrase used by ancient Roman and Medieval cartographers when denoting unknown, misterious, unexplored territories on maps.

In the medical and scientific world, these are the territories we explore, the lands where we hunt for innovations. We catch them, test them and turn them into Solutions. And then we share our Solutions with the whole world.

So that they can become common knowledge, weapons of mass wellness, revolutions in everyday Life.


Life Episteme is a gateway. It is a consulting company which helps its client leverage the most promising markets (not just BRICs & CIVETS) in the business of pharmaceuticals, cosmeceuticals, nutraceuticals and medical devices.

Life Episteme helps local and global companies to get market access through distribution, representative offices, joint ventures, qualified partner search, develop relationships with selected clients, continuously striving to deliver business value through efficient engagement models.

Life Episteme experience, understanding of the business environment and proven business strategies help reduce entry risks substantially.

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